Burial – Kindred (2012)

The dubstep producer returns with an 30 minute EP of new music…

Burial, if you aren’t familiar with him, is one of the most enigmatic music producers in the world. He is also one of the most unique.  His music sounds like no one else and that signature sound has been his greatest strength. On the flip-side, any musician with such a recognizable sound can become trapped by it.  A lot of people, including myself, didn’t know if Burial could escape this sonic world he had created.  No one would blame Burial if he couldn’t advance his style, he did give us an amazing self-titled record, the now-legendary Untrue, and the more recent Street Halo EP.  Lucky for us Kindred is the change in sound many fans have been waiting for.  Though Kindred is barely a year’s time away from Street Halo, it feels as if the music has reached a new level.  Burial expanded his form and yet retained the aesthetic that has made him so popular.  The 3 tracks are among the best Burial has released since Untrue and makes the excellent Street Halo look a bit slight.

Now, onto the tracks themselves.  The EP begins with the 11-minute stunner “Kindred”. Let’s take a look at the ole’ Burial checklist.

Rain? – check

vinyl crackle? – checkarooni

kling klang beat? – checkers

“oh, up to the same ole Burial tricks… wait, HOLY SHIT!”

“Kindred” lets it’s intentions be known. Its thunderous beat is outlined by warped vocals and destroyed soundscapes. If I was British I would probably be using the word “massive” to describe this.  But, I would have to drink tea and eat biscuits instead cookies… so fuck that.  This ain’t the same Burial.  This is a new progressive Burial.  The music is structured similar to that of classical music. Each track has distinct movements that at times sound like completely different songs.  “Kindred” and “Ashtray Wasp” make the most of this new kind of structure.  “Ashtray Wasp” in particular is amazing in its progression.  The music that comes in at around the 7:30 minute mark is some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. And “Loner” is no slacker either. Its Burial goes techno with some incredible results.  An intense yet distant beat dominates the track.

I’ve read someone describe, and forgive me for not assigning credit as I forgot where I read this, Burial’s music as the distant echo you hear in your head after you have left a loud club.  It is the sound of the half-remembered music still ringing in your ears as your make your trek home and lie in your bed.  If you’re like me that might be stretching it a bit since I don’t remember ever having Ke$ha blasted at me and then hearing Burial in my head and my night often ends up with me in bed with “the spins”.  But its difficult to describe this kind of music in other terms.  Also, I don’t get paid to review music and that level of thinking would be out of my effort range.

Bottom Line: On a serious note, this is some of the best dubstep, or music, to come around in a long time and it makes sense considering Burial is one of the genre’s most important pioneers. Don’t pass this up if you are looking for something new and forward-thinking. This is a hard one to stop listening to.

here is the link to buy/listen: Hyperdub


2 thoughts on “Burial – Kindred (2012)

  1. I’ve got to say that “Loner” is my favorite track off of this EP, though I may get some flak for that. The tracks are all pretty good, but “Loner” stands out to me for some reason, maybe because of the trance influence. I review music occasionally on my own blog, http://justbecauseiwantedto.wordpress.com/ , and it’d be cool if you checked it out sometime.


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