Modeselektor – Monkeytown (2011)

Holy shit I love this album.

One of the biggest surprises of the year, Modeselektor’s newest album is a straight-up banger in every sense of the word. Featuring contributions from avant-garde rappers Busdriver and Anti-Pop Consortium, the soulful Miss Platnum, PVT, and Thom Yorke, Modeselektor have produced their most engaging album to date.

The opening track “Blue Clouds” acts as a lit wick of sorts.  Although a great song in its own right, it’s simply a precursor to the action that is to come. Its metallic bangs chug along as Modeselektor’s ace synth lines wobble on. Next is one of the year’s coolest songs and one that has been making its rounds in the Generic Flow office quite a bit, the goofy and catchy “Pretentious Friends.” The track features off-the-cuff absurdist blabbling from Busdriver and is both fun and rocking at the same time. It’s a definite highlight from the album. Shifting gears to “Shipwreck” which has a great vocal performance from Yorke and excellent drum programming from the Deutsch techno masters. It’s another essential track that you shouldn’t miss out on. Skipping ahead to “Berlin”, Miss Platnum shows her pop chops over a silky smooth synth and chattering percussion.

“Silky Smooth.”

Grade A funkiness can found in the instrumental “Grillwalker”. “Green Lights Go” is a borderline electro-rock track that will find its way into many listener’s heads and will probably hang out there for a while. PVT’s vocals are a great fit with the shimmering backing track. Probably one of the best things to come out of this record is “This” which features mind-warping vocal manipulation. Modeselektor chop and turn Thom Yorke’s vocals to a beautiful mess. It pulses and thumps and leaves you wanting more. “War Cry” the album’s finale uses a militant chant to evoke some deep thoughts and just like that the album is over.

Bottom Line: This is a refreshing techno record that does not take itself too seriously. It’s got variety and great tunes that will surely be on repeat for some time. Modeselektor have made a believer out of me and you would do yourself right to check this out.

Link: Mediafire (v0)

(not our link)

Please support the artist and buy the album!


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