Radiohead performs show so secret even they didn’t know about it.

This past Monday, Radiohead, well known for secret shows, had a show so well hidden from the public that the band members themselves weren’t sure it even happened. When we caught a word with Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke after their super secret show Monday that was held somewhere vaguely familiar he looked confused and bewildered. “We’re not really sure how it happened,” said Yorke, “One minute I was eating dinner with my family and the next I was fending off rabid, yet confused, fans backstage at some church or something.” The show has been reportedly described as one of their best ever or slightly underwhelming. Yorke was sure that they played some new or fan favorite songs for hardcore fans but had a foggy memory of the whole thing. “I think we played ‘Lift’ or maybe ‘The Present Tense’… No! I bet we played ‘I Froze Up’! Yeah, that sounds like something we’d do,” an unsure Yorke detailed. Guitarist Jonny Greenwood insisted that there was a full orchestra on hand but then retracted the statement after thinking for a moment. Radiohead are pretty sure that their live version of The King of Limbs went over swimmingly but hazily remember playing Pablo Honey in full.

Pictured Above: Only photographic evidence of the night.

We’ll have more on this story once someone remembers something.


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