Chillwave band to make album based on 80’s music

California Chillwave B∑∆CH CHiLLzz is set to release an album by the end of this year. The album’s subject matter will focus on a beach theme and is inspired mainly by 80’s music and pop culture. The lead singer and primary songwriter of the band, Chazz Fitzgerald Pompos, had this to say, “I just think this is a style that hasn’t been explored enough in music today. I just love the beach and 80’s movies. I mean, I wasn’t really alive in the 80’s but I can totally relate man.”  Pompos, while briefly looking away from Robocop 2, mentioned that his band will take a lo-fi approach on this release.  He could not say the title of the album just yet but did mention that it would feature heavy use of triangles and be nigh impossible to pronounce. “I’ve got the song titles made up… I think one of them is something like ‘Whoa bro ∞ on my ∆ (in the ocean)’… yeah its gonna be killer,” Pompos remarked. Listening to his vinyl copy of Krull the Motion Picture Soundtrack by composer James Horner, he explained that the best way to work is to make up the song titles first and then work backwards. It was a rare glimpse into a young artistic mind.

We’ll have more developments on B∑∆CH CHiLLzz new album probably, when it is released tomorrow, for free.


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