Predator’s Response to The Pitiful Editor and his friends’ Feeble Attempt at a top 10

chad Predator: King of all!\

once i turned my gaze onto the pitiful lists my humanoid co-contributors I knew I had to restore credibility to this silly blog!

Top 10 LPs of The Aughties

  1. Tune-yards – BiRd-BrAiNs

-I knew about tune-yards before you GRRAAA!!!

2. animal collective – Feels

-Foolish editor and his friends, this is the only time animal collective was good.  They have sold out since then Grrarraa!!!

3.  MIA- Paper Planes!!

-I don’t care that it isn’t an album, I AM CHAD, THE HIPSTER PREDATOR!!

4. arcade Fire ep

-Foolish earthlings  think funeral is better, I will destroy them!

5.Yankee Hotel foxtrot

-because every publication I read says so!

^. Jj- jj#2

It has a potleaf on the front! COOOL!!

6. Sunn O)))
Monoliths & Dimensions


7. 8. Oar004 – EP – Oni Ayhun

9. Toro Y moi- MY TOUCH


-All humans will kneel at my power.


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