Radiohead – TKOL RMX6 (2011)

Here we are again. The next issue in the TKOL remix series is here. I’m going to be brief and save my full review of these tracks for when the remix CD comes out Oct. 11th. But here’s the lowdown:

The first track is a very awesome remix of the jammy “Morning Mr. Magpie” by the German Electro duo Modeselektor. Humorously retitled “Good Evening Mrs. Magpie”, this track thumps and rocks like no other remix in the series. This is Radiohead and Modeselektor at the height of their booty shakin’ powers. Definitely one of the best in the series.

Newcomer Objekt handles a “Bloom” remix on the flip-side. “Bloom” is warped into an abstract dubstep experiment. At times it sounds a bit off but the song gets more interesting as it goes on and finds a groove. Not bad for a guy that only has a few singles to his name.

Listen: Magpie (Modeselektor RMX)

Listen: Bloom (Objekt RMX)


Listen/Buy: TKOL RMX6


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