Interview: Aphex Twin

Influence is a hot topic when it comes to music. It is often hard to pinpoint where certain ideas come from. We, as a culture, put a lot of weight on influence in art. Some artists stand as influential giants and some are waiting for the time when their influence will truly be known. Richard D. James, or Aphex Twin, which is his most well known alias (out of many aliases), sits in a unique position in music. His influence is both wide and known among critics but the masses really aren’t aware of him or his music. James has been likened to a modern equivalent of classic composers like Bach or Mozart. He is the first electronic musician to have his works translated by orchestras and other composers. Gaining interviews with James has proven to be difficult for many journalists and he has often hid from the public eye. So, who is he really?

We’re kicking off our first installment in a series of interviews with a bang. We are going to gain an insight into one of the century’s most creative minds. A man who, since 2002’s Drukqs, hasn’t released any music but recently promised 6 full albums of music have been completed and are going to be released some time soon.

We recently sat down and picked up the phone to talk to our correspondent who sat down and allegedly talked to James. James apparently did not want to talk directly to us and we wanted to respect his wishes the best we could.

Generic Flow Interview Correspondent: “So, Mr. James, how are you today?”

Richard D. James: “Great,” James was reported as saying.

GF:  “Well, thank you for your time.”

James: “No problem.” Our correspondent told us he said something along these lines.

Well, I think the interview speaks for itself. I personally cannot wait to hear the music he has cooked up and hinted at in the interview. James is a man who speaks in code so who knows what he was truly getting at. There isn’t much more to be said but our correspondent had noticed that James was in good health and was a bit more Hispanic-looking than usual. He also said that he was a bit put off by James’ asking for work.

That’s all we have for this week’s interview, make sure you tune in next time when we grab a dialogue with Ian Curtis of Joy Division. See ya next time!


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