Modeselektor (feat. Thom Yorke) – “Shipwreck” and “This” (2011)

That’s right, those wacky Germans are back and once again reunited with everyone’s favorite electro-lovin’ pint-sized Brit, Thom Yorke.

Modeselektor are one of those groups who just seem to be having as much fun as possible.  They don’t take themselves too seriously and aren’t afraid to goof off.  Last night, their new album Monkeytown, leaked (watermarked by the way) which just happens to feature my favorite singer on two of the songs.  Needless to say I couldn’t wait to hear them and they do not disappoint.  These two songs are over the top club bangers.

“Shipwreck” is the first track to feature Yorke on the album.  It is wacky and frantic with a beat that barely lets up.  Yorke takes a very different approach to his vocals using his signature falsetto to sound clubbed out and exhausted.  His singing is paranoid and spastic all at once.  Rustic sounding synths come and go at a quick pace.  The lyrics are delivered in typical, hardly-understandable Yorke style.  This one is going to take a few listens to comprehend what he is even talking about.  Other wise a very cool, kinetic song.  Some very cool vocal manipulation by Modeselektor, very catchy stuff.

“This” follows in the same direction but with a different approach and with a bit of a darker tone.  It features a serious club beat with sweeping synths.  This dance-floor ready track takes the cake.  It’s heavy, catchy, and intense.  Yorke’s vocals are played with so much that I am not even sure if he recorded more than two lines.  It is impressive if your song hits the 7 minute mark and is awesome throughout.  Some truly cool electronic music here.  It’s all weird and very different but never too overbearing.

Definitely check these songs out (and the album) when they become available.  Just Modeselektor and Yorke making sweet, sweet, dancefloor music babies.  The best kind of babies.

Listen:  Hear both tracks via The End.


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