Björk – “Moon” (2011)

Björk, Björk, Björk. Where do I start? With this single?… Alright.

“Moon” is the latest single/app from the very prolific and very Icelandic musician’s forthcoming album Biophillia. To call her new album not ambitious would be like calling water not that wet or Ke$ha a productive and useful member of society. The thing’s got an $800 special edition for God’s sake! But album aside, her singles so far have all featured hints of classic era Björk with new elements that improve on old formats. “Moon” comes off very Vespertine-like. And for fans, that is not a problem in the least bit.

The song is as simple as they come. It’s a harp(?), a sparse muted beat, and Björk’s signature vocals on top. One could even make some Joanna Newsom comparisons. Toward the middle of the song layered vocals come in to create a warm harmony. This is pure Björk and shows she doesn’t need a crazy backing track to make a good song. I would make a comment about the lyrics but I’m not really sure what was going on there. I’m eagerly awaiting the finished album (which has been delayed until October 11th).

Recommended, good shit.

Listen: Björk – “Moon”

Watch:  Video for “Crystalline” directed by Michel Gondry


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