Radiohead – TKOL RMX5 (2011)

Radiohead have often been open to remixes of their music.  Their album In Rainbows was mainly based around an open source type release system featuring a fan based remix contest.  For The King of Limbs, Radiohead have taken a different direction in approaching the remix process.  Taking notes from House and Techno musicians, they have issued an extended series of remixes by other artists hand-picked by the band.  If you have been keeping up with the remix series so far you know how radically different these remixes sound in comparison to their album counterparts.  This release is no different.  The first track, a remix of “Give Up The Ghost” handled by wonk-master Brokenchord, is a poppy and funky rework that is truly one of the best remixes in the series thus far.  Yorke’s voice floats around in a clunky beat that wouldn’t be out of place in a trendy dubstep club (or whatever Europeans are getting themselves into these days).  Next on the issue is Altrice’s remix of the entire album.  Much like he did with Caribou’s “Sun”, using various pieces and parts found on the album to create something new.  Altrice claims to have used all the songs somewhere in “TKOL”.  The remix chugs along in the ether creating a great sense of ambiance.  The piano chords from “Codex” float by and pitched up vocals from “Give Up The Ghost” sneak up on you.  This remix is my favorite from this particular release.  Up next is the Blawan remix of the King of Limbs highlight “Bloom”, removing most of the original song in favor of a booming and intense beat.  The vocals are down pitched to a demonic moan while the beat continues, lets up for a bit, and then returns for the finish. 

Bottom line:  This is another worthy addition to the already excellent remix series.  Buy it on vinyl, download it, or wait for the eventual compilation CD.  Recommended!

Listen: TKOL RMX5

Buy: King of Limbs Store

Listen to the Preview of (or pre-order) the Next Issue:


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