Letter from the Editor

Letter from the Editor;

I think it was after about the fifth band they named that I had never heard of that we realized this needed to happen. I take pride in the amount of music that I listen to. I know that it could never compare with people who sport 150 gig iTunes accounts, but certainly more respectable than those who park it at Pandora for the night. I do my homework, I read up on bands, subscribe to publications and down- er, buy my share of albums. Yet, somehow, we had been talking for thirty minutes about songs, bands, albums, etc. that we had discovered and enjoyed over the summer and not had a single intersection. It didn’t seem possible but was so glaringly representative of how much effing music there is these days. I’m not even sure which one of us said it, but it seemed as if we had all been thinking it for some time; “We should start a music blog.”

Starting a music blog seems like one of those things that falls into the classification of “easier said than done,” but it’s actually about as easily done as it is said. The idea hadn’t been proposed five minutes by one of us before we had a webpage open and blank text box waiting for us to fill it. The trouble doesn’t really come in doing it so much as it comes with justifying it. Do you really love music enough to write about it every day? Are you not satisfied with just listening to it and enjoying it? What do you possibly have to say about music that hasn’t been said? All valid questions.

Yes, we do love music enough that we get to write about it every day. Perhaps the only unsatisfying part of listening to music is the finality of it all. The song ends long before you stop thinking about it, humming it, dissecting it, analyzing it and talking about it with your friends. No matter how many times you replay it and essentially try to relive it, the song will end and leave you alone to your thoughts. But, in the end, this process doesn’t go anywhere. We have feelings left unexpressed. Questions left unanswered. And opinions expressed to no one. With this, we have the opportunity to give music the extended attention that it deserves and provide ourselves with a bit of catharsis along the way. We post these not out of a respect for our own opinions but out of a respect for the music. It deserves more. Even the bad stuff.

As for providing anything new and insightful, we can’t guarantee that. We can only promise that we will objectively look at music from the eyes (or ears?) of objective listeners from unique backgrounds and tastes. It’s not a matter of what is being said in the world of music criticism at the moment, it’s a matter of what is not being said. Are you going to fully understand an album knowing that it received an 8.5/10, a B+ or three and a half stars? I sure hope not. Are you also going to understand an album by knowing that it just sold a million copies? Of course not. You will only understand an album by listening to it.

But we certainly understand the colossal amount at which music is released these days, so it always seems like you are missing something. We do our best to consume the music available to us and give a little something back (i.e., more than a rating). We honestly don’t intend to offend anyone’s taste (you are entitled to your opinions, and we ours), but we do guarantee relentlessly honest opinions on everything we review. We hope to provide you with something to take away from this. We don’t claim to be experts. We’re just trying to engage in something we love. We hope you can be a part of it too.

Editor in Chief


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